Tarika Ayurvedic Face Wash 50gm

From $13.70

Tarika Ayurvedic Face Wash 50gm
Tarika Daily Facial 50gm + Tarika Face Wash 50gm

Tarika Ayurvedic Face Wash 50gm

From $13.70

Tarika Ayurvedic Face Wash is a 100% natural composition (in powder form) of chosen Ayurvedic herbs, in a base of cleansing and exfoliating clays. It is a soothing deep cleanser which instantly removes dirt and pollution toxin from face and other exposed parts of the body by unclogging the skin pores and drawing out dirt and toxin. Tarika Face Wash is gentle and non-abrasive and can be safely used by those with sensitive skins.
It is an essential aid to pimple / acne treatments as it keeps the skin pores clean, whereas soaps tend to clog the pores – and aggravate acne conditions
It should be used along with Tarika Pimple Remover to help quicker elimination of pimples and for healthier skin.

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  • Gentle to the skin, unclogs the facial skin pores and deep cleanses like no soap can.
  • Acts as a natural sunscreen for hours after its use.
  • Protects the skin from weather and pollution.
  • As a foundation it protects the skin from after
    effects of harsh chemical cosmetics.
  • Helps prevent redness, sunburns.
  • Extremely refreshing after a long day relieves
    tired eyes and relaxes tense facial muscles
  • Promotes a soft, smooth and blemish free skin.
  • Naturally antiseptic useful in minor nicks, cuts
    and irritations due to shaving.
  • It has a gentle moisturising effect does not dry
    skin like soap

Tarika Face Wash can be used any time but should ideally be used in the morning before bath and on returning home in the evening.
Those with sensitive skins and allergic to soap or harsh chemical products will find an ideal solution in Tarika Face Wash. For those who need to use heavy make-ups Tarika Face Wash foundation protects from the adverse effects of cosmetics.
To be mixed with water or fresh yogurt and gently massaged on the face.

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