Tarika Ayurvedic Night Oil for face (saffron) 30ml

From $30.70

Tarika Ayurvedic Night Oil for face (saffron) 30ml
Tarika Ayurvedic Night Oil for face (saffron) 30ml

Tarika Ayurvedic Night Oil for face (saffron) 30ml

From $30.70

Tarika Ayurvedic Night Oil for face is a 100% natural product prepared according to the ancient Ayurvedic recipes for beauty oils. Extracts of chosen Ayurvedic herbs with cosmetic and therapeutic benefits are processed in a sesame oil base to create this unique beauty oil. These extracts are known to possess vivifying, life-giving properties for the facial skin and tissues. They help to keep the skin hydrated, maintain the youthful elasticity and glow of the skin and offset the early formation of wrinkles. Tarika Night Oil improves not only the complexion but works also to improve the health of the skin by toning up the skin cells and tissues. Regular application for about three weeks shows improvement in the tone, texture of the facial skin.


Tarika Night Oil (saffron) is an exclusive variety in our range of night oils for faceTarika Night Oil (Herbal)Tarika Night Oil (Frankincense)Tarika Night Oil (Sandal)Tarika Night Oil (Lavender)Tarika Night Oil (Jasmine)Tarika Night Oil (Rose) The addition of saffron enriches the oil with all the special qualities which saffron brings and enhances the oil’s quality. In ancient India saffron held a pride of place among the many beauty ingredients used in Ayurvedic skincare preparations. It is known to possess anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties and is a very effective complexion enhancer. Tarika Night Oil for face with saffron imparts a radiant youthful glow to the facial skin and helps remove marks, scars and other blemishes.


Chemical free | No preservatives | No artificial colours

Non-sticky, gets easily absorbed by the skin


  • Traditional Rejuvenating Night Oil of Ancient India – infused with saffron
  • Saffron – Toning and Softening – Delicate Saffron blossoms improve the skin’s texture and complexion making it smooth, soft with a natural glow.
  • Contains extracts of natural herbs that help moisturize and rejuvenate – reversing the effects of stress and environmental pollution. Protects from weather
  • Visibly lightens marks, scars, lines; reduces dark circles, puffiness of eyes.
  • Reduces blackheads, black spots and other blemishes.
  • Provides nourishment to skin cells and helps in new tissue growth to reduce acne pits / craters
  • Enriched with sandalwood, saffron – natural skin cell regenerators.
  • Natural anti-aging formula – Hydrates, nourishes and tones up the facial skin tissues and gives a youthful glow.
  • Soft, gentle and to the skin – relaxes facial nerves and eyes – helps to alleviate the effects of stress, late nights. Promotes a restful sleep.
  • Suitable for all ages and skin types.



For Tarika Night oil the saffron we add is sourced from Kashmir in north India where some of the finest saffron, if not the finest, is grown and harvested since centuries by generations of saffron farmers who possess the knowledge and expertise for growing and harvesting this exquisite spice.



5.0 out of 5 stars Tarika! Works for me! And I’m just getting started., May 15, 2014


David Brunet 

I just completed a one month long yoga intensive in Rishikesh, India. One of my new Yogi friends discovered this oil and recommended it to me. I thought okay what the heck? I’m in India, I may as well try Ayurvedic cosmetics, complements the yoga in the Indian cosmology.
I’m 58 years old (going on 39 1/2), i’m athletic, in excellent shape and I really don’t look my age. I’m young at heart and I’ll try anything once which is why am here.
Instructions on the bottle state you’ll see results in three weeks. And to my surprise I’m seeing them in one week. I just spiked my body lotion Tarika!

My results after two weeks:
1. The dark circles under my eyes have been there for 40 years, and are now dissipating.
2. Newly softening crepey skin on the brows around my eyes, going, going – almost gone.
3. And that once loosening skin under my chin & neck us returning north to its original position.
I have tried plenty of anti-aging and corrective cosmetics. I’ve never seen anything like this. This is the real deal. And at a fraction of the cost of potions I have purchased in the cosmetics department at Barney’s.


Facebook review

M in love with this product…using frm last 3 mnths..M on my 2nd bottle nd m very happy with this product…i had lots of pimple marks nd blackheads on nose its almost solved…nd best thing is its natural no paraben problem…


Ingredients:  Extracts of Rubia cordifolia 3%, Lac of Ficus religiosa 3%, Butea frondosa 3%, Santalum album 3%, Prunus puddum 2.5%, Glycyrrhiza glabra 3%, Curcuma longa 2.5%, Emblica officinalis 3%, Berberis aristata 3%, cow’s milk, processed in a sesame oil base. Perfumed with herb extracts as required.


More testimonials / customer reviews.

I am a regular user of your Tarika Night oil which I bought when I was holidaying in Thekkadi. I didn’t know much about your company and I just tried your oil out of curiosity. I find that over the months of usage my face skin is improving and regaining its glow which was lost due to late nights and stress.

Ms. Raman

Chennai, India


We like your products and are returning customers. Have switched to these products from Olay. Found them more beneficial. Do let us know if and when you have new products for us to try. Thanks!


Bangalore, India


I had purchased Tarika Night oil two months back and it has really helped me reduce the acne scars I had.


Navi Mumbai, India


Very pleased that I will be able to order this product (Tarika Night oil saffron) from you. …. it is a superb product and worth the price.




Tarika Night Oil saffron

Thank you for the beautiful product. You make a miracle

Mila Vostrova



I tried it (Tarika Night oil) and in two weeks my blemishes gone and skin tone improved I am sixty years old it is amazing.

Krishna Sharma



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